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About Digital Art / Hobbyist ☠ ☯ ♥Crا§LIи£421†☠ ☯ ♥Female/United States Group :iconcyberclaw101-fans: CyberClaw101-Fans
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PS. the picture in the poem does not belong to me at all so you don't need to tell me (o:

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you people are.......................

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☠ ☯ &hearts;Cr&Oslash;&sect;&sect;LIи&pound;421&dagger;☠ ☯ &hearts;
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Note: call me puffy only friends are allow to call me by my REAL name. :3

Hello there WELCOME TO MY PAGE!!! :iconowocuteplz: as you can see im not a very good artist but i will improve little by little just like anyone else would well i just hope you like the art I have so far. OH YEAH just to let ya all know my most fav thing of all things is the HOMESTUCK TROLLS! my favorite homestuck troll is Karkat Vantas and Gamzee :icongamzeeraveplz:

Im know as..... CrossLine421, Shyclaws, and

:iconblue-wplz::iconblue-eplz::iconblue-lplz::iconblue-cplz::iconblue-oplz::iconblue-mplz::iconblue-eplz: :iconiloveyouplz:

I love wolves and big cats like wild cats also Dragons, my favorite activities is drawing, art is my favorite activity. I love playing IT servers (impressive title servers). I'm not good with art softwares but I will improve and might be better on either ones. I hope
we all can be friends.

MY Best CUZ (real life cusion): :iconyunidarkrose:
*My Parnter/close buddy/bestie: :iconember-flame007:
~$wg Master: :iconafallenqueen3:
Real Life Sis: :iconjewel16000:
My Fluffy Friend: :icongoldwolfg:
Best Web Big Sisters: :icongoldwolfg::iconember-flame007:
awesome Badass xD: :iconkeyblade0:
:iconlolwhutplz:Best Friends: :iconthe-midnight-widow: :iconcallibird: :iconmeadowstar01::icongoldwolfg::iconstrangeradopts::iconnyrrus::iconsahess2::icondrewgle::iconleeismyking3::iconember-flame007::iconkeyblade0:

PEOPLE THAT I ENVY/ADMIRE: :iconkhaliaart::iconmakoninah::iconryuu-kitsune::icongoldwolfg::iconshakuml::iconsquizxy::iconninjakato::iconkagay::iconlancha::iconsnow-body::iconunodu::iconriingo::icondaenarys::iconcapukat::icontooel::iconyuumei::iconanoushaykhan::iconhachiimi::iconxiaoyugaara::iconmazubutt::iconpans0l0::iconmxteddybear:

Put this Paw in your signature/DA page/Facebook/etc whatever it is if ya want to save wildlife/nature/animals!:icongamzeethrustplz:

Webcam: Thats My fat kitty!


(I play sanctum or eventide, I play on chicken smoothie, Impressive world, Dragons den, Impressive cats, and Feralheart) ^-^

Dragons den user: Rina16000
ChickenSmoothie user: CrossLine421
Impressive world user: Rina16000
Feralheart user: Rina16000 Displayname: ShyClaws(only on FH)
Impressivecats: Rina16000
Sanctum of eventide: Rina16000
Skype: crossline421
Transformice: Ubella

These are the only things Im on...... ONLY! (well theres more but too lazy to list but for now be aware of anyone with my user plz)

now let me act like death the kid.......

Yeeeeaaaaahhhh :iconyeeeeaaaah:psst liz, patty.... those threee girls over there look like a piece of trash :iconyeeeeaaaah:

I just want to confess to people that sometimes I.. I also Imma give ya a warning that :thumb342240151: another thing....... don't grow up to be like me.... :iconpervygamzeeplz: HONK

you don't want to wake up the kitten do you <.<

Sleepy Time by Rina16000


Requests - Ask Me by SweetDuke Trades - Open by SweetDuke Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke

What Homestuck character are you? I Rina16000 is related to..........
Karkat Vantas
Karkat Vantas
Take What Homestuck character are you? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.</p>
Karkat is a crab in more ways than one. He constantly insults others in the style of a stereotypical internet troll, supporting his arguments with what seems to be empty logic. Jade has even gone to the point of flipping out at Karkat.

In keeping with the crab apple asshole theme of his personality, he rarely smiles (one of the few times he does can be seen when he deals with Gamzee). He is also often seen screaming, pounding his fists against his keyboard, or generally raging when talking to the other trolls. He is not particularly patient as when explaining himself, he makes even his most sound advice appear to be random insults and he becomes visibly aggravated when other people are having fun.

Somewhat similar to Jack Noir, Karkat is ruthlessly ambitious and will grasp at any opportunity for power, but he just doesn't have the subtlety of his troll compatriots and ends with the sharp end of the stick more than once. His real strength is to shepherd his boneheaded troll friends into following a plan, which just gives him another excuse to go off the handle when something does not go according to it.

Despite his flippant demeanor, he also seems to care quite deeply for his friends' well being, judging from his tearful reaction to Sollux's apparent death, his seemingly genuine desire to help Eridan and Tavros with their relationship issues with Feferi and Vriska, respectively, and his willing enough to revive Kanaya.

Towards the end, Karkat seems to show a softer side that hasn't really been shown before. In his final memo, future Karkat leaves a rather emotional story shortly before Kanaya responds to it. At this point he treats her in a friendly and polite manner, something that he really hasn't done with anyone before.

Karkat is not nearly as bloodthirsty as some of the other trolls (like Vriska or even Kanaya), and has trouble jumping to action when shit hits the whirling device. If things go off plan and he's not nearby, he gets pissed off and starts yelling at the related parties. If he -is- nearby he faints, starts crying or sits there looking stupid.

Yup so i I took the Homestuck character test to see what homestuck I'm related to and I got that ._. Im a bit suprise I'm related to Karkat Vantas
which I'm a bit happy about and at the sametime scared about >->
if you want to know what homestuck character are you, just click the Karkat pic and take the homstuck character quiz.

Well at least my sanity is not that high o3o

What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
Hosted By Anime

Click Me!

Click Me!

Click Me!

Click Me!

Click Me!

I love drawing and I have many ideas but I mostly get too lazy to draw em or don't even put my best effort into them :/

If anyone wondering I would love to draw Anime Humans but I might need help with that and mostly I don' know how to draw em :( (but that won't stop me from trying)

homestuck gifs photo: Equius 844e3c3d.gif
homestuck gifs photo: Gamzee 32b313c0.gif
homestuck gifs photo: Tavros 379c9835.gif
homestuck gifs photo: Karkat b507d892.gif




Journal History


Commission - snow fight! by DejiNyucu Commission - snow fight! :icondejinyucu:DejiNyucu 185 12 Commission - Tilt by DejiNyucu
Mature content
Commission - Tilt :icondejinyucu:DejiNyucu 428 38
HUNTER EYE by sinsenor HUNTER EYE :iconsinsenor:sinsenor 549 202
I wish i can draw anime humans ;A; can you grant me that wish?


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Hey cuz! There's this new thing I've been writing with Karkat and my OC Rinota in it and its real funny! I'd send you a link to it but I don't know how, so just find it my journal-whatever if you have the time. Just thought you should know!
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you read homestuck?
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